Wine Cellars and Bars

Relax in your home. With a Kevo home, relaxing becomes a fine experience. Kevo development provides custom wine cellars and custom bars. If New Jersey homeowners can't bring the vineyards of Napa Valley into their home, they can certainly include a luxury wine cellar or custom bar in their new home design. These custom wine cellars serve as an intriguing showpiece for entertaining guests or a perfect setting for a romantic night-in with a significant other. Whether modern and flashy or antique and full of character, custom wine cellars and custom bars are a unique addition to any custom home design.

Custom wine cellars and bars create the ultimate, adult bonus room. Including every amenity and a host of space, a luxury bar will make any home the place-to-be on a weekend night. Custom wine cellars may include custom lighting that adds to the intriguing ambience, plenty of storage for precious, aged wines, and comfortable nooks for tasting and entertainment.