Kevo Development Corporation

George Kevo, President of Kevo Development Corp.

George Kevo has built a unique fine reputation on stringent quality control, unrivaled attention to detail and exceptional customer service. His 27 years of experience in the building and mechanical industry has given him the expertise in various aspects of high end construction. His portfolio of lavish and elegant homes has given him a widespread recognition in managing the construction of sophisticated, luxury estates. The key to his success is that all projects are run under his direct supervision. His unique attention to the endless count of fine details through-out the construction process is an essential ingredient in providing the ultimate in customer satisfaction. He has built long standing relationships with every single one of his customers, because he stands behind every project.

Over the years, we have also developed close relationships with some of the best local craftsmen and vendors to help us achieve our goals. The selection of the right craftsman (sub-contractors) is the most important factor in creating a product with the highest level of quality. Our years of experience has created a unique family circle of contractors, which provides us the confidence, quality, and dedication in all aspects of the construction process, all while delivering your finished product in a time efficient manner.

As a design/build firm, we retain single-source responsibility from start to finish. We know that it takes a careful balance of ideas, creativity, communication and organization to make your dream home a reality. For those who prefer not to be part of the construction, we can provide you a turn-key product with minimal time requirements on your part. Our dedication to the highest level of customer satisfaction is surpassed by none.